MSP-C’s Jayne Haugen Olson knows a thing or two about creating outstanding content. As VP of content, she oversees more than 15 proprietary and custom magazines, as well as a growing digital portfolio, which collectively reaches an impressive audience of 150 million readers each year. Olson serves as the editor in chief of Delta Air Lines’ Sky magazine, the world’s leading in-flight print title with more than 5 million readers each month. Here she talks to me about the importance of knowing your audience, sloppy writing styles and which brands are standing out in a crowded content world.

Founder and director of the Magazine Innovation Center at the University of Mississippi’s Meek School of Journalism and New Media, and a professor and Hederman lecturer at the School of Journalism, Samir Husni, aka Mr Magazine, spoke to me about the relevance of print in a digital age and why he laughs when people tell him print is dead.

Heather LeFevre had worked in advertising for more than the prerequisite 10,000 hours, yet she still didn’t feel like an “expert.” So she embarked on a world tour (that took her to Asia, Europe and then back home to the U.S.) where she stayed with, and “brain surfed” with, some of the best minds in advertising.