Social is growing up. It's not all about likes and shares anymore. Brands are using it to gain deeper and more meaningful insights into their audience. This typically begins with authentic collaboration between them and their audience, otherwise known as user generated content. Here I take a look at three ways how.

Finland's largest dairy Valio is embracing employee advocacy. It is actively encouraging employees to share positive stories about the brand and business on social. It even rewards colleagues who are most active. I talked to Valio's community manager Pekka Rantamoijanen who told me all about it.

Curating content used to be a marketing buzzword and dismissed as pure jargon. In 2016 it's a force to be reckoned with. Not only does curating content increase a brand’s visibility, it improves their thought leadership program, boosts their organic SEO efforts, as well as increases sales too. Here's how:

Curating content is an effective way to increase sales and boost engagement. Hurja Media's co-founder Johanna Tahlo, based in Finland, talked to me about how she curates content for the leading distributer of entertainment technology, msonic, to raise its profile in the audio visual industry.