Juliet Stott

I am a freelance journalist and former staff writer for The Guardian. 

I currently write for:

  • The Guardian: I am a regular contributor to the Money Pages. I'm a particularly interested in the digitisation of money and the impact this will have on the consumer. I also cover human interest stories, interviewing people about their consumer and personal finance issues. 
  • The Content Council's 'Content Magazine': I am the contributing editor. I create tactical, useful and engaging content for this not-for-profit organisation. I interview key thinkers in the digital world and write about content marketing best practice. I support its marketing team in developing strategy and content for events.
  • Advertising Week Europe & New York: I am a freelance writer for both Ad Week Europe and Ad Week New York. My latest piece is on the impact of Brexit on the Ad Industry. It is currently being featured in the 2018 edition of Ad Week Europe's magazine.
  • IBM: I'm a contributor to IBM Systems Magazine. I write about the impact of digitisation on businesses.
  • Econsultancy: I write about digital marketing trends for this leading marketing blog.
  • Content Kings: Formerly a bi-monthly contributor to Minneapolis-based content marketing publisher, MSP-C's blog. I interviewed content marketing experts from around the globe on topics ranging from content strategy, content marketing trends, social media marketing and how to create engaging content.
  • FlocklerI wrote the Finnish tech company's blog for more than three years, on topics related to content marketing trends, content marketing best practice and interviewed their clients about content marketing strategy. I created an annual 'content marketing' ebook which is used as a marketing and client engagement tool.
  • I have created a range of marketing content for clients including articles for Jumeirah Hotel Group's Inside Mayfair and web content for Finnish Ad Tech Company Enreach.

Commission me: I help many private clients to become thought-leaders in their field. I use my journalistic skills and training to create unique authorative, and authentic content that differentiates them from their competitors. Come and talk to me about how I can help you. Contact me at julietstott@yahoo.co.uk or reach out to me on Twitter @JulietStott

Story ideas for the Guardian: If you have a consumer interest story you'd like me to consider, please contact me at julietstott@yahoo.co.uk or reach out to me on Twitter @JulietStott