Altimeter Group's Content Marketing Specialist Omar Akhtar talked to me about what strategies, channels and content formats perform best across industries and regions, and highlighed trends in innovation, current organisation and governance practices, and key metrics for measuring success.

Here the award-winning Canadian author and journalist spoke to me about his book, The Revenge of Analogue and outlined why people are turning to analogue as a counterweight to digital, why the limits of analogue are no longer seen as a disadvantage, and why people want something that's real, that they can touch, and interact with.

New technology, the smartphone-fuelled evolution in consumer behaviour, along with marketing’s inability to disrupt itself from its ‘business-as-usual-cycle,’ are some of the biggest risks to content marketers. In my free ebook I outline reasons why content fails and highlight some of the biggest content marketing success stories.

The Washington Post's VP of Marketing Paul Tsigrikes oversees WP BrandStudio, the Washington Post’s in-house creative agency, where he and his team develop and execute custom content for brands. He talked to me about the importance of knowing your audience, using data and innovative advertising technologies to target them effectively, and why it’s important to nail your story first, before thinking about how to execute it.

Virtual reality is set to become the biggest content marketing trend of 2017. It’s out of the box, it’s innovative and with the likes of Facebook (Oculus), Google, Samsung and Sony investing heavily in the software, hardware and accompanying content, VR is now in the forefront of consumers’ minds too. Here I take a look at 9 brands using it to best effect in practice.